Driveway pressure washing service

Professional driveway pressure washing in Cambrideshire, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire

Professional driveway pressure washing services in Cambridegshire, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire

All types of driveways and patios can be cleaned and sealed, and repaired if needed! Driveway cleaning is a cost-effective way of bringing your driveway back to life!

Whether it’s block paving, brick paving, tarmac, or concrete, our driveway cleaning service will make your driveway look like it did the day it was laid.

You may not have even noticed just how dirty your driveway looks – the dirt builds up slowly over time. But just think back to how it looked the day it was laid, all bright and shiny and clean. With Paving Clean Solutions, we’ll make it look like that again, all from just £2 per square metre!

 If you have brick or block paving, after ensuring all traces of dirt and algae are removed I will also brush in kiln dried sand into the joints to make sure they are fully sealed.

If any hard surfaces surrounding your home are covered in stains, dirt, algae, or just looking a bit dull, then a high-quality pressure washing driveway cleaning service is what it needs! Pressure washing (also known as water blasting or jet washing) is a fantastic way to bring your existing driveway back to life, without the high cost of replacing it. Compared to renovation, a driveway cleaning pressure washing service is a much more affordable option, and much faster; I’ll transform your driveway in a day!

Here at Paving Clean Solutions, I pride myself on providing a clean, fast, reliable service, ensuring I complete a fantastic job every time. If you are looking for a pressure washing driveway cleaning service in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Peterborough, or surrounding areas, then Paving Clean Solutions should be your next call!

Using industrial-strength, high quality and high-pressure jet washing equipment ensures that no hard surface is too much of a match. It is purely water-based, meaning that no harsh chemicals are used either.

Why use a driveway pressure washing service?

Aside from just making your driveway look new again, there are other reasons you could want to use a driveway cleaning service…

  • Safety – Algae is slippery at the best of times, but even more so when wet and during the winter. Make sure that you and your family don’t slip over on a slippery driveway by getting it cleaned regularly.
  • Get the most out of your investment – You’ve spent the money having a driveway laid, so why let it get hidden by stains, moss, algae, and dirt? A driveway cleaning service will make sure your driveway looks like new again, for a fraction of the cost of having it re-laid.
  • Easy weed removal – Manually removing weeds can be a right pain, especially if you have a large driveway; Paving Clean Solution’s driveway cleaning service will literally blast away the weeds, roots and all, in a fraction of the time it would take you to manually remove them.

The Paving Clean Solutions Driveway Pressure Washing Process

How do Paving Clean Solutions completely restore your driveway to its former glory?

  1. Scrape and sweep up the loose bits of mud (to ensure it doesn’t block up your drains)
  2. Any repair work that’s needed, such as replacing bricks or blocks, or re-jointing the edge blocks. All repair work is discussed and agreed to beforehand.
  3. Deep cleaning using my commercial-grade rotary cleaning attachment, or a choice of lances where necessary
  4. Re-sanding using fresh kiln dried sand (when the driveway has fully dried out)

I can also apply a suitable sealer if desired. Sealants can protect your driveway from absorbing stains and discourages algae growth, and also can provide a gloss-like finish.

Driveway Repairs

Thanks to over 30 years in the garden landscaping industry, I have vast experience in building and repairing driveways and all other aspects of hard landscaping. As a result, I can also repair your driveway if needed before cleaning it. This could involve just replacing broken bricks or blocks, or relaying an area of sunken bricks or blocks. This is a much cheaper option than re-laying the whole driveway, and combined with a high pressure driveway cleaning service will make it look like new again.

If your driveway is beyond repair, or you just fancy a change, then have a look at my other website, Robert Hughes Garden Construction for more information about the hard garden landscaping service I offer. You can also view my portfolio of existing work.

Not just pressure washing…

With 30 years’ experience in garden landscaping and construction, I also provide quality hard and soft garden landscaping service for gardens of all sizes, large and small, in the Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire, and Peterborough areas.

Have a look at my landscape gardening website, Robert Hughes Garden Construction, for more information. With a passion for this line of work, and a keen eye for detail that permeates into everything I do – from the groundwork preparation, to laying the first brick, to pressure washing the whole garden at the very end to ensure it is spotless – you can be sure of a quality job well done that will last for years to come.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a quality pressure washing service, or if you’re looking for a garden landscaping service provider who not only knows the subtle differences between a good job and an exceptional job, but who also wants you, the customer, to know what those differences are.A picture speaks a thousand words where quality landscape gardening is concerned, so please browse through the various portfolios of existing work I’ve completed. And don’t just take my word for it; have a look through some of my reviews below.

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